Lions HBO ‘Hard Knocks’ 2022: Best Fan Tweets, Memes from Episode 1

Lions HBO ‘Hard Knocks’ 2022: Best Fan Tweets, Memes from Episode 1

Published August 10, 2022
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It’s only right that the 2022 edition of HBO’s Hard Knocks started out with Dan Campbell.

After all, the Detroit Lions’ second-year head coach is a quote machine who brings a unique blend of energy, motivational tactics and experience as a former player. Those quotes and his focus on “grit” were on full display before the opening credits even rolled in Tuesday’s opening episode of HBO’s annual behind-the-scenes look at training camp for an NFL team.

This year’s team is the Lions, and viewers were ready to run through a wall for Campbell just like the players:

Coach Campbell’s intensity is unmatched 🗣#HardKnocks: TONIGHT 10pm on @HBOMax

“We’ll play on grass, we’ll play on turf, we’ll go to a (expletive) landfill. It doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter if you have one ass cheek and three toes. I will beat your ass.”

Dan Campbell, before they’ve even rolled the opening credits

Dan Campbell on ‘Hard Knocks’ is TV gold.

Absolute TV gold.


Currently running through a brick wall after that Dan Campbell speech #HardKnocks

I’m scared of Dan Campbell and we’re 7 minutes in

Are there Dan Campbell jerseys available? This guy is incredible. #MCDC #HardKnocks

Dan Campbell on Hard Knocks.

“Doesn’t matter if you have one asscheek or three toes, I will beat your ass.”

No wonder players would run through a brick wall for him#Lions #HardKnocks

Dan Campbell going straight John wick out the gate!!!!

After watching a few minutes of #HardKnocks, Dan Campbell is my kind of coach.

There’s nothing like a head coach joining his players in up-downs in the summer heat to set the tone for a football team attempting to put four straight last-place finishes in the NFC North behind it.

Finding the right combination of players will be key in that effort as well, and one of those potential franchise cornerstones is defensive end Aidan Hutchinson. The Lions selected him with the No. 2 overall pick of the 2022 NFL draft because of his talent on the field, but he might have gone No. 1 if the picks were based on singing ability:

The #2 overall pick stole the show. 🕺🔥

How would you rate @aidanhutch97’s rookie performance? #HardKnocks

Best rookie performance ever? 🤔#HardKnocks | @aidanhutch97

When does that Aidan Hutchinson album drop?

HBO’s season debut of Hard Knocks with the Lions features the 2nd pick, Aidan Hutchinson – who turns 22 today – singing Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” during team meeting. “Producers claim it may be the most entertaining rookie singing moment in show history,” per show official.

Aidan Hutchinson bringing everyone to their feet and together in singing Billie Jean is probably a top-10 Detroit Lions moment of the past decade.

They will play ‘Billie Jean’ in the streets of Detroit FOR YEARS if Aidan Hutchinson brings this city a Super Bowl

Aidan Hutchinson has the whole Lions team screaming ‘Billie Jean’ … leadership.

Aidan Hutchinson 😮

That Aidan Hutchinson Billie Jean performance was the greatest thing I’ve ever watched on television. Full stop.

Hutchinson had the entire team dancing as a rookie, but it was a veteran who stole the show when it came to leadership.

Running back Jamaal Williams brought himself to tears during a post-practice motivational speech centered around how he uses last year’s 3-13-1 record as fuel to get better heading into a new campaign.

That he spent four years on the Green Bay Packers and understands the other side of the NFC North standings made the words all the more notable.

If you’re not ready for football season, Jamaal Williams will get you ready. #HardKnocks @jswaggdaddy

Don’t think these tears are coming from a weak mindset, I will run you over while crying 😤

🎥: @NFLFilms

The full version of Jamaal Williams’ speech was even better—and the guys murmuring “I love you” while he cried was incredible.

*I* was getting emotional

Jamaal Williams better have the C on his chest. That is a leader.

Jamaal Williams that’s the tweet. Guys attitude is contagious

I’d go into battle with Jamaal Williams after that speech any day of the week.

Wow.#Lions #HardKnocks

Post Jamaal Williams speech:

the fact that Jamaal Williams can make you belly laugh one minute then want to follow him into war with an incredibly emotional passionate speech the next. respect

Tuesday’s episode also delved into the one-on-one battles between Hutchinson and offensive lineman Penei Sewell and introduced viewers to a coaching staff loaded with former players, including running backs coach Duce Staley and defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn.

.@Lions coaches Duce Staley & Aaron Glenn are pure comedy. 😅

Even the coaches get competitive at practice. (via @NFLFilms)

📺: #HardKnocks with the @Lions starts tonight at 10pm ET on @hbomax

I’m going to need an entire season of Aaron Glenn and Duce Staley at practice for the next HBO Hard Knocks in season series.

Duce Staley will be someone’s head coach sooner or later.

If the Lions battle other teams like Staley and Glenn did between the lines, they may just contend in the NFC North this season.

Their preparation toward doing just that will continue next Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max when Hard Knocks continues.

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