Newly Single Pete Davidson Should Star in an ‘FBoy Island’ Spinoff

Newly Single Pete Davidson Should Star in an ‘FBoy Island’ Spinoff

Published August 9, 2022
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Yes, Pete’s already got a Peacock show on the way. And no, “FGirl Island” doesn’t exist yet. But what if the post-Kardashian tides carried this newly single comedian to the island?

Entertainment Reporter

After nine months, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s whirlwind, rollercoaster romance has come to an end. Sources say the celebs knew their stars were crossed from the start, and that distance ultimately broke the two up as Davidson prepares to film his upcoming Peacock show, the Lorne Michaels-produced Bupkis. They reportedly remain in touch and on good terms, albeit mutually “bummed” that things didn’t work out.

Given that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are, well Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, it seems safe to bet that both sides of this rift will land on their feet.

But what’s next?

This is where, as a longtime listener and first-time caller, I might have one suggestion: Put Pete Davidson on FBoy Island. Or better yet, let him appear on the HBO Max dating show’s inevitable spinoff FGirl Island.

For the uninitiated: FBoy Island finds three women dating their way through a group of two dozen guys. Half the men are “Nice Guys” who’ve vowed to split the $100,000 cash prize with the women, should they be chosen; the other half, the “FBoys,” if selected as winners, can take all the money and run, should they choose to do so. Comedian Nikki Glaser does the holy work of rehabilitating eliminated FBoys in a spartan holding area called “Limbro,” while eliminated Nice Guys hang out in the far plusher Nice Guy Grotto. I can think of no better canvas than this for Davidson’s next act.

I am not, to be clear, stating my belief that Pete Davidson is an FBoy or, for that matter, a Nice Guy. None of us civilians at home on our laptops could ever claim to know what is truly in celebrities’ hearts. But I will say that Davidson’s public image—the hot Nice Guy with, for lack of a better term, Big FBoy Energy—feels like a perfect spiritual match for the show, which just wrapped up a second season of tongue-in-cheek reality-TV perfection. Is it possible to manifest a celebrity guest spot? We’re about to find out!

Nikki Glaser, queen of FBoy Island, certainly does not need help with her hosting duties. Far be it from me to suggest that after two nearly perfect seasons, this woman needs a co-host. But what if, say, Davidson showed up to oversee “Limbro”—the show’s holding area for eliminated FBoys? This season, that job went to Season 1 alum Garrett “King of the FBoys” Morosky. Honestly, I think Pete could do better.

Over the years, the SNL alum has derived his hotness from two qualities: emotional intelligence and burnout chic. Publicly, at least, his vibe recaptures the magic Breckin Meyer brought as the good-hearted stoner Travis in Clueless. The comedian’s popularity among women of Hollywood has already garnered premature comparisons to the infamous womanizer Warren Beatty, but really it just seems like these women love a guy who’s funny, knows how to listen, and always brings good weed on a date. Can we blame them?

I understand that for Davidson—a guy starring in his own summer slasher and an upcoming show based on his life co-starring the great Edie Falco—appearing as an accessory on a dating show populated mostly by influencers might feel like a step in the wrong direction. But what if he were the lead? My proposal: Let Pete Davidson star as one of the leads on HBO Max’s inevitable spinoff, FGirl Island.

Last week, FBoy Island Season 2 ended with a shocking twist: When offered the surprise option to “choose themselves” and run off with the money, rather than split the cash prize with one of their finalists, one of the women chose to do so—and gleefully branded herself an “FGirl” in the process. It sure seems like an FGirl Island is on the way—assuming, of course, that Warner Bros. Discovery doesn’t drop the ax on the show as it has so many HBO Max titles in the past week. I can think of no hotter prospect for the island than Pete—and hey, maybe he can use it as free promotion for that retired Staten Island ferry (and soon-to-be “floating entertainment venue”) that he bought with Colin Jost. Sounds like an FBoy-esque side hustle to me…