‘Tom Holland is dead’ post debunked as actor is alive and doing well in 2022

‘Tom Holland is dead’ post debunked as actor is alive and doing well in 2022

Published July 13, 2022
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A post claiming Tom Holland is dead in 2022 sparked the “RIP Tom Holland” hashtag. However, the actor is alive and well.

Social media seems to have done it again where it has convinced people that a celebrity has died. This is not the first time a death hoax has taken over the platform.

In the past, celebrities like Lil Tjay, Eminem, and others have been a victim of this and the latest one to be added to the list is Tom.

The rumors about Tom being dead started surfacing online due to a post made by an Instagram page called big_chungles. Sharing an image of the actor, the post had “Tom Holland 1996-2022” written on it. The photo sure had the power to deceive anyone who first saw it.

To make it more believable, an emotional caption was written where the admin talks about Tom being his favorite Spiderman while adding the actor was always his hero. Along with it, there was a hashtag that said: “#liveanotherdayspiderman.”

With over 185k followers on the platform, it did not take long for the post to catch the attention of others. Following this, others started sharing the same post while some made an edited image of their own. This gave rise to the hashtag “RIP Tom Holland.”

Tom is alive and going well. Unfortunately, he just happens to be a victim of a social media death hoax that has been spreading like wildfire.

In fact, the photo that had been shared online for the hoax post consisted of the picture the actor had shared on his Instagram a week ago. In it, Tom had been talking about The Brothers Trust’s T-Shirt. The NGO hopes to shed light on charities that otherwise go unnoticed.

By selling merch, Tom has been trying to raise money to help out different charities that have been dedicating their time and energy to a cause.

If you happen to come across any news that might be spreading false information we would ask you to not engage in them. At the same time, we would advise you to report it immediately to make sure others do not fall into a trap of believing it.

All social media platforms give you the option to report it. You can do so by clicking on the post and clicking on the options button.

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