Steph Curry Reacts to Golden State Warriors Reaching NBA Finals

Steph Curry Reacts to Golden State Warriors Reaching NBA Finals

Published May 27, 2022
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A very sweet moment for Warriors fans.

The Golden State Warriors are officially in the NBA Finals. Not only that, but it’s their 6th NBA Finals in 8 years.

Steph Curry won the first-ever Western Conference Finals MVP award, where he was ecstatic about not only winning the award but also reaching the finals.

“This is a blessing,” Curry said. “Obviously, it’s a team effort to get back, what Draymond said for us. Be optimistic the last two years, and be back where belong, back in the Finals. This is special, our fanbase, to do it in this new building. Everything about it is special. We know this isn’t the ultimate goal, but we know we gotta celebrate this because of all we went through the last two years.”

This isn’t the ultimate goal for the Golden State Warriors, but it’s still a very special moment for this team that deserves to be celebrated. The team didn’t make the playoffs the last two seasons because of an overwhelming amount of injuries, and no one really thought they’d have the chance to make it back to the finals. Not only did they make the finals too, they dominated. The Warriors made it look relatively easy reaching the Finals, with their toughest opponent coming up next – the Miami Heat or Boston Celtics.

There were so many moments to celebrate tonight for Warriors fans. From Steph Curry winning the award, to making the finals, to Klay Thompson having a monster game after recovering from crushing injuries. Warriors fans have much to enjoy tonight.

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