Mtn Dew’s Fan-Favorite Tropical Punch Flavor Is Making a Comeback After 11 Years

Mtn Dew’s Fan-Favorite Tropical Punch Flavor Is Making a Comeback After 11 Years

Published May 25, 2022
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At some concerts, you just want to hear the hits: You know the singer from the radio, and that’s the only song you care about. But with other artists, it’s all about the deep cuts: What rarity will they pull out of the vaults tonight?

Using that analogy, Mtn Dew fans are the soda equivalents of Deadheads. Sure, we all know a flavor or two (there’s a neon green one, right?), but diehard Dewheads scour the shelves and soda fountains for rarities. Heck, the brand has released two exclusive flavors — one at Buffalo Wild Wings and one at Circle K — in the past three months alone. And if an old variety returns from the back catalog, sure, most of us don’t remember it from the first time around, but don’t tell Dew fans that!

Today, we heard another announcement for Mtn Dew fans to get excited about: The brand has announced the return of a “classic” variety: Mtn Dew Typhoon — a “highly requested flavor” described as a “tropical punch twist” that hasn’t been seen in over a decade.

The brand explains that the flavor initially launched as a part of the “Dew-mocracy” flavor line-up in 2008 and then briefly returned for a limited time in 2011. But if you scratch the surface of the Mountain Dew Fandom wiki, the story goes even deeper. For instance, according to the fan-edited page, Typhoon actually began life as “Flavor #509” and faced a heartbreaking loss to the flavor White Out in the second Dew-mocracy II promotion by a vote of 44 percent to 40 percent.

If this all seems like way too much Dew dedication, don’t worry. Casual fans are not the target of Mtn Dew Typhon’s return. In fact, casual Dew drinkers won’t even see Mtn Dew Typhoon on store shelves — it’s only being sold in the Dew Store, and only Dew HQ members will be able to purchase it.

Yes, starting on June 1 at noon ET, a limited time only drop of Mtn Dew Typhoon in 16-ounce cans will hit the Dew Store while supplies last. And if you haven’t signed up for your free Dew HQ membership, well, you might as well do it now because you won’t be able to buy this classic flavor without one.