Pirates Of The Caribbean: 10 Hidden Details That Redditors Noticed

Pirates Of The Caribbean: 10 Hidden Details That Redditors Noticed

Published May 23, 2022
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From the shape of the clouds to the small image of a mouse, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are filled with tiny but significant details.

Disney confirmed that there will be a Pirates of the Caribbean 6, but that is about all the information that fans currently have. There are several questions surrounding the film, such as who will star in it, what the premise will be, and how it will connect to the previous Pirates movies. With so much up in the air, there is minimal fans can do but wait and perhaps rewatch some of their favorite Pirates of the Caribbean films to hold them over.

As fans binge the movie series, again and again, they have begun to notice some hidden details that they had missed the first time. This could be anything from how certain characters, like the famous Jack Sparrow, are portrayed, to minuscule details about the movie’s props. No matter how small or insignificant these hidden details may seem, Redditors are ready to hunt them down.

Early in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Will Turner presents Governor Swan with a sword that he had crafted as a commission. The blade was a gift for James Norrington for his promotion to Commodore. This sword reappears a few times over the next couple of films, but one Redditor found something significant about it.

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Hypotheticalfive pointed out that the sword made for Norrington is the “same sword eventually used by Davy Jones to kill Will.” Cutler Becket had possession of the sword in Dead Man’s Chest, but he later returned it to Norrington.  When Davy Jones killed Norrington, he commented on the nice blade and kept it, eventually using it to stab Will through the heart. Once Will was revived and became Captain of the Flying Dutchman, it can be seen on his belt, having made it full circle back to its creator.

When Elizabeth Swann fell into the water after Norrington’s promotion ceremony, the gold medallion she wore on a chain created a reaction to the sea. It called out to the cursed pirates, finally giving them its location.

When this happened, storm clouds began to roll in, but Redditor Akgoal noticed that instead of a storm, the clouds shaped themselves into a giant hand, reaching for the island. “It is clearly not a coincidence,” they said, pointing out that the shape only got clearer as the scene continued. It looked as if the hand of Cortés himself was reaching out for his precious gold.

Barbossa told Elizabeth that he planned to eat a whole bushel of apples when the curse was broken. He was willing to kill her and anyone else who stood in his way to make this happen. However, Jack killed Barbossa the second the gold was returned, so he never got a chance. Instead, a lone apple rolled out of his lifeless hand, uneaten.

Some Redditors pointed out that Barbossa had probably been carrying an apple with him at all times, but Redditor Nicolis_numbers stated that he likely had “brought it with him to this one particular event.” There is something even sadder about the idea of Barbossa, the sympathetic villain, picking out this one apple while preparing for his big moment but never getting a chance to enjoy it.

The most likable character in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Jack Sparrow lived a raucous pirate lifestyle, so it’s not a surprise that he would likely contract a venereal disease. One Redditor pointed out that Jack has a red sore on the side of his face that “gets progressively more noticeable in each film.”

This Redditor, like many others, assumed that this sore was likely from syphilis, a common STI that often plagued pirates. It makes sense that the sore would get more prominent, as Jack would not have been able to treat the illness, so it would only get worse.

Disney is known for hiding studio-specific details in their movies. A favorite Easter egg is the appearance of Mickey Mouse’s ears, but they seemed to have taken it even farther in Pirates of the Caribbean.

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In At Word’s End, the camera zooms in on the Mao Kun map, which is adorned with drawings of various animals. However, Redditor Numerous-Lemon pointed out that a “hidden Mickey [Mouse]” could be seen on one of the rotating sections. When fans zoom in, they can perfectly see the little mouse that looks exactly like some of the older depictions of Disney’s mouse mascot.

Johnny Depp went all out with his portrayal of Jack Sparrow, giving him an iconic way of speaking and moving. While his strange speech created some of the most iconic quotes in Pirates of the Caribbean, audiences assumed that the abnormal gait was due to Jack’s frequent intoxication, but some Redditors noticed that Jack might not have been as drunk as he seemed.

Redditor The_honest_liar noticed that Jack walked “just fine on the ship,” adding that it was only on land that he was “all over the place.” This shows that Jack wasn’t stumbling due to his drunkenness but because he had sea legs, a great testimony to Depp’s attention to detail in his portrayal.

The studio’s movies inspire many rides at Disneyland, but the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is actually the other way around. The pirate-themed ride at Disney’s first park was built in the 1960s, several decades before the movies ever hit theaters.

Basing a movie on a classic ride gave the creators a fun chance to create a story around the iconic features of the attraction. For example, Redditor JordanInTheTV noticed that the dog that faithfully keeps the keys for the Port Royal jail is based on the “audio-animatronic” one that does the same task on the ride. While the pirates begging for the dog to give them the key is a favorite scene in Pirates of the Caribbean to fans, many might not have realized that it was a recreation.

In Dead Man’s Chest, Will tracks Jack down to an island that is home to a tribe of cannibals. The tribe had captured Jack and his crew, and Will had to save them before they became their next meal.

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It appears that the members of the tribe weren’t the only ones enjoying their prey. Redditor Mr-History pointed out that the man that had told Will where the Black Pearl was beached had mentioned trading on that island for some delicious long pork. “This ends up being the island of cannibals,” this Redditor said, “he has been trading for human flesh.” There would have been no reason to suspect this on the first watch, but once audiences know what kind of meat the tribesmen enjoy, this little tidbit becomes darkly humorous.

When Commodore Norrington first attempts to arrest Jack, he begins to go through Jack’s personal effects. He observes his pistol with one shot, his sword, and of course, his compass that doesn’t point north.

In later films, audiences learn that the compass actually points to whatever the user wants most. So when going back to rewatch the first Pirates movie, Redditor Aymesyboy paid attention to where it pointed when Norrington was holding it. “It never moves around,” they said. “The arrow points straight at Jack Sparrow.” Norrington wanted nothing more at that moment than to capture this pirate.

In Dead Man’s Chest, Jack brings the group to see Tia Dalma. While asking for her help, Jack wandered around her small home, picking up and observing several of her various strange items.

One of these curiosities was a large black hat with a feather that Seas-Cartographer-453 noticed looked very familiar. “The hat is quite similar to Barbossa’s,” they pointed out. Sure enough, the two hats are entirely identical. Considering Jack also noticed Barbossa’s monkey running to a partially visible body later revealed to be Barbossa’s, it makes perfect sense that the hat would be there.

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