Angelyne: Emmy Rossum show about me ‘doesn’t do me justice’

Angelyne: Emmy Rossum show about me ‘doesn’t do me justice’

Published May 20, 2022
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Don’t let her rosy appearance fool you — Angelyne isn’t tickled pink by the new limited series based on her life.

Emmy Rossum stars as the titular Angelyne, an ’80s billboard personality of Los Angeles, whose mysterious life has become the subject of eponymous new show on Peacock.

However, the real woman behind the series isn’t too happy about how the show is depicting her life.

The 71-year-old Hollywood legend spoke with Inside Edition about how she feels about the portrayal.

She explained that “Angelyne” is fictionalized and doesn’t give a full account of her life. “I had a glimpse of it and I refused to watch it,” she said.

She went on, “It doesn’t do me justice. Would you be flattered if someone played you and misrepresented you?”

The show is said to be based on a 2017 Hollywood Reporter article, which declared the “real identity” of Angelyne, including her alleged high school year book photo as Renee Tami Goldberg.

The icon did not take kindly to Inside Edition’s questions about the exposé. “No, I was born Angelyne,” she insisted. “It’s not my picture.”

According to THR’s investigation, Goldberg, a k a Angelyne, is the daughter of two Polish Holocaust survivors. She created her alter ego and thrust herself into the Los Angeles limelight in the 1980s.

Rossum produced the project with her husband, “Mr. Robot” creator Sam Esmail. Shooting began in 2020, at which point the “Day After Tomorrow” actress completely transformed her look to play Angelyne, spending up to seven hours in makeup per day and even bleaching her eyebrows to play the blonde bombshell.

Costuming “Angelyne” was so extreme that the “Shameless” alum reportedly developed blisters from the hefty fake breasts she had to wear for filming.

Rossum recently divulged to THR that she spoke to Angelyne while preparing for the series. “The one thing [she] told me was that she’s a mirror, so whatever I saw in her, that’s the story I should tell and therefore it would be my story and not her story. And I thought that was so empowering,” the mother-of-one said.

She continued, “I hope that she knows that this is a love letter to the fun and fantasy and the hot pink, Corvette-driving enigma that she is. I hope more people fall in love with her and appreciate her for what a trailblazer she is as the precursor to social media.”

Rossum shared the advice of Angelyne with Variety during the premiere of the series on Wednesday.

“It was so important to me that she be involved in this and that we were able to faithfully re-create her iconic billboards,” the New York native said. “And it was really, really important to me that she be paid for her contribution, not just to the show, but to pop culture over the last 50 years.”