How the Ongoing Beef Between Mark Cuban and Lil Wayne Happened, According to Skip Bayless

How the Ongoing Beef Between Mark Cuban and Lil Wayne Happened, According to Skip Bayless

Published May 19, 2022
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Lil Wayne and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently found themselves involved in something of a beef, and now Skip Bayless has given the lowdown on what caused it.

During Wednesday’s episode of Undisputed on Wednesday, Bayless said that the two have had issues “for years, and years.” In fact, he suggested that they have not been fans of one another since at least 2011. “I asked Wayne last night, ‘Do you want to come on the show with us today to respond to what Cuban posted yesterday, and he thought about it and he finally concluded, ‘I Can’t,’” Bayless said in the clip above.

He went on to explain that Weezy told him he’s “too angry right now” to talk at length about their issues, and his language would not be “TV friendly.” The two were on friendly terms years ago, Bayless added, but it all got a bit messy in 2011 when Wayne was living in Miami and went to a lot of Heat games. “He liked them [Miami Heat] and he was into them, but they weren’t in his heart like the Lakers,” said Bayless. Around that time, Wayne went to an afterparty with Cuban to celebrate the Dallas Mavericks Championship win

Per Skip, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, who played for the Heat at the time, reportedly weren’t happy with Wayne and it ultimately led to him getting banned from Miami Heat games for some time. That situation caused a rift between Wayne and Cuban, Bayless said, but they tried to remain on friendly terms.

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More recently, Cuban allegedly offered Wayne tickets to some Western Conference Finals games to settle their issues. As Wayne pondered the opportunity, that’s when Cuban shared his tweet, as seen below. The tweet itself was a response to Wayne calling Luka Dončić “a ho.” Allegedly, Wayne wasn’t happy about Cuban responding with a lyric from Wayne’s song “Uproar” alongside a photo of him with his son, because of the “implication.”

Shortly after that, Wayne shared a tweet that he quickly deleted. “Mark Cuban don’t make me get u smacked boy,” he wrote. “U playin w me?? I will piss in ya fkn mouth ho.”

Watch Skip Bayless break down the beef above.

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