Apex Legends Mobile – Handheld Battle Royale Mayhem Now Available

Apex Legends Mobile – Handheld Battle Royale Mayhem Now Available

Published May 18, 2022
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EA and Respawn Entertainment have just unleashed their mobile take on their ever-expanding battle royale/hero shooter, simply known as Apex Legends Mobile. Apex Legends Mobile takes the same experiences that players can get from the PC and console version of Apex Legends and shrinks it down to your smartphone and tablet with little to no compromise to the gameplay. While Apex Legends is essentially the same game as its console/PC counterpart, it also does include mobile-exclusive features, such as a unique UI tailored for mobile devices, special game modes and events, and more.

In a trailer released on the official Apex Legends Mobile YouTube Channel, many aspects of the game have been shown off, including the fast-paced gunplay that many Apex Legends fans have come to know and love. The trailer also introduces a completely new legend character that has yet to be introduced into the console/PC version, known as Fade. This new legend is an agile attacker who can gain speed boosts from sliding on the ground, has a tactical flashback skill that allows him to teleport a few seconds backward from his previous position, and has a powerful ultimate that allows him to freeze enemies in time with an explosive blast, disabling them from dealing or receiving damage for a few seconds, which is perfect for singling out problematic opponents during a hectic battle.

In the first season of Apex Legends Mobile, titled “Prime Time“, players will be able to earn rewards by completing various challenges, including hero and weapon skins, banner frames, emotes, and more. The biggest reward that players can earn from the battle pass is being able to unlock Fade for free, by reaching level 25 in the free Battle Pass. Players can also purchase a premium battle pass that grants players 10 levels instantly, lowering the number of levels needed to unlock the new legend.

While there is no option for cross-play between the console or PC versions of Apex Legends, there is cross-play and cross-save progression between the iOS and Android versions of the game. All players will have to do is link their account between Google Play, Game Center, or Facebook. Once the account has been linked, the user’s progress will carry over between both platforms.

Apex Legends Mobile is available now for Android and iOS devices.