Julia Fox Went Grocery Shopping in Her Underwear, But People Are Mostly Offended by Her Choice of Bottled Water

Julia Fox Went Grocery Shopping in Her Underwear, But People Are Mostly Offended by Her Choice of Bottled Water

Published May 17, 2022
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You love to see it.

Julia Fox went grocery shopping in her underwear.

While few of us would dare to do it (or indeed want to), you have to admit this is kind of iconic behavior. And as I scoured Twitter for people’s opinions, I was pleasantly surprised to find that few users were being horrible about Fox’ choice of outfit, and instead expressed their shock and disappointment about her decision to buy, like, a year’s supply of Aquafina bottled water.

Let’s back up. As a quick reminder in case you’re like, “Julia Fox?,” she is a podcaster and actress whose most famous role was in Uncut Gems, and who rose to greater prominence when she briefly dated Kanye “Ye” West earlier this year. Since then, she’s equally delighted and (purposefully) shocked onlookers in a series of very out-there outfits.

For her latest work, Fox showed up to a Pavilions grocery story in Los Angeles wearing a matching black and white underwear set—a triangle bra and boy shorts—paired with an oversized denim jacket, denim heeled boots, a denim tote bag that’s basically a pair of upside-down jeans (???), and rectangular black sunglasses.

She left the shop with a collection of paper bags of groceries and just so much bottled water—a ton of Aquafina in the front, but also a ton of Smartwater. The personality posed dutifully for paparazzi, resulting in a series of photo that can only be described as an absolute work of art.

Here are some very funny jokes Twitter users made about the outfit/bottled water combo:

This whole thing has made my day.

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