Fall Guys finally has a release date on Xbox and Switch, and it’s going free to play

Fall Guys finally has a release date on Xbox and Switch, and it’s going free to play

Published May 17, 2022
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Fall Guys, the family friendly battle royale that released to immense levels of success back in 2020 is going free to play June 21. While that’s big news for the game on its own, the folks at Mediatonic have also announced the title is coming to Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games Store alongside the free version.

If you’re a PlayStation player feeling a little left out, don’t worry! A PS5 version is also set to release alongside the rest. If you’ve got friends spread out across platforms you’ll be able to run the gauntlet alongside them, as crossplay and cross progression will be included on all of the above.

Those who buy Fall Guys before June 21, or have been a steadfast fan of the game since its release, will receive a free legacy pack, which includes the following cosmetics:

Season one will be launching on the June free to play launch which will bring new costumes and challenges to the game. Alongside this, a premium version of the battle pass will be purchasable which will allow players to earn additional cosmetics. There are 100 levels in this pass, and those who max it out will be able to earn the next seasonal pass which is surely enticing for hardened Fall Guys players.

The game also has a pre-registration for those looking to pick up the game on these new platforms. The team over at Mediatonic have set out pre-reg goals that the community will need to hit for additional rewards. This includes another nameplate, additional kudos (in-game currency), a burger pattern for you bean, a muscleman emote, and the melonhead costume.

All in all it’s great news for Fall Guys players, who should now have a larger community to play with as well as a care package of new rewards as thanks for their support since the game first dropped in August of 2020. The game is still brilliant, by the way, having added an incredible amount of new content since the game’s height of popularity. If you’ve not played it, or haven’t thought about booting it up in a while, then mark June 21 on your calendar.

For more Fall Guys articles, check out these Ratchet and Clank costumes that we hope pop back up with the release of the PS5 version, as well as this news piece we wrote about some of the latest game modes added in season 5 in case you’re curious about what modern day Fall Guys looks like.

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