Grab your boomstick, Evil Dead: The Game is out now

Grab your boomstick, Evil Dead: The Game is out now

Published May 13, 2022
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Saber Interactive have launched their cinematic co-op survival horror Evil Dead: The Game today, Friday the 13th. No idea why they chose that date. Must be Bruce Campbell’s birthday or something.

In this iteration of Evil Dead, you can play as Campbell’s legendary dumb chainsaw-handed hero, S-Mart employee Ash Williams, in both co-op and PvP multiplayer. There’s also characters from the Evil Dead movies and the Ash Vs. Evil Dead TV show to pick from, plus the option of hunting humans down as a demon. To delight everyone’s grandad, Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man has recorded a special ditty for Evil Dead: The Game and sampled the original movies – he even shouts out to Campbell and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi.

The game was first announced back in December 2020 at The Game Awards but saw a delay last year. Saber Interactive said they wanted to take a bit more time to give Evil Dead: The Game a shine before release, as well as adding in a short single-player campaign.

For the most part, though, Evil Dead: The Game is designed to be played as a multiplayer game, either in co-op or asymmetrically in its PvP mode. Thankfully, the game does have crossplay support, allowing us folks on PC to play with console pals, which is probably just as well given it’s an Epic Games Store exclusive at the moment.

Evil Dead: The Game is out now and costs £32/€38/$39 if you fancy giving it a pop. Klaatu barada… necktie, anyone?

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