Google I/O 2022: news, announcements, and more

Google I/O 2022: news, announcements, and more

Published May 11, 2022
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It’s for the developers, but we all know it’s really for Pixel fans

Okay, so it’s 2022. You’ve had your good but boring $449 Pixel 5A for nearly nine months, been patiently testing the Android 13 beta for two weeks, and lamenting about how you can’t connect the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to it using the Android Wear OS app because that’s how things are. Enter Google I/O, the conference you hope will fix all of that, maybe spill the beans on a rumored new watch from Google, and, most importantly, finish whatever new thing it starts. And maybe you wouldn’t mind tossing that Pixel 5A for a fresh Pixel 6A announcement rumored to happen.

Want to know if these rumored devices actually get announced? You’re in the right place — scroll down for all the latest news, announcements, and Android 13 changes coming straight out of Google I/O, the company’s yearly developer conference going on from May 11th through May 12th.

Google’s latest pair of wireless earbuds will arrive on July 28th

A Pixel 6 for the people

It’s up against some fantastic values

Be prepared to wait for the Pixel 6A, Pixel Buds Pro, and Pixel Watch

The new budget model looks formidable on paper

The glasses would translate the spoken word around you live

Making ambient computing happen is forcing Google to change how it does everything

It’ll arrive alongside the Pixel 7 this fall

Will 2023 bring the iPad competitor Google always needed?

Has Google finally made the ultimate earbuds for Android users?

The company wants all purchases to be as easy as clicking a Google Pay button

More Material You, more customizability, more security features

It thinks the world is ready to go all-in on digital cards

The company also announced a host of new security features at its I/O event

Making your Meet meetings a little better

The new 10-point skin tone scale could help make AI less biased

After mistakes and challenges, the company is moving a little slower with AI language models

You’ll now be able to use Google Lens to take a picture of an object and search for local results

The company is adding a couple features to let you use Assistant without saying ‘Hey Google’

So you can see how crowded the park is before you even go

Join us for all the news and announcements from Google’s developer keynote

Get ready for some major updates and maybe some new products

One of Google’s biggest hurdles is providing meaningful, long-term support for its products

Tune into the keynote at 1PM ET on May 11th