‘Candy’ Episode Guide: How Many Episodes Are in Jessica Biel’s Hulu Series?

‘Candy’ Episode Guide: How Many Episodes Are in Jessica Biel’s Hulu Series?

Published May 9, 2022
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The producers of The Act are back with another stranger-than-fiction true crime case to give you nightmares. This week marks the premiere of Candy, Hulu’s five-night series about the Candy Montgomery case. And with a cast this stacked, you know it’s going to be good.

In 1980, Betty Gore, a suburban housewife who was involved in her church, was found brutally murdered. Initially, no one suspected that her best friend would be connected to the crime, but that’s exactly how it unfolded. Even more surprising, Montgomery wasn’t found guilty of Gore’s death. So what happened? And how can you watch?

Altogether, there will be five episodes in Hulu’s new miniseries.

That episode count isn’t the only unusual detail about this series. Instead of premiering all episodes at once or releasing them on a weekly basis, Candy will release a new episode every day for the next five days. Need a more comprehensive episode guide? We have you covered:

This may be a short series, but it’s absolutely packed with talent. The Sinner’s Jessica Biel stars as another complicated woman on trial as well as the lead of this miniseries, Candy Montgomery. In 1980, Montgomery was accused of killing her best friend at the time, Betty Gore. That name is played by another great actor, Mrs. America and Yellowjackets‘ Melanie Lynskey. Montgomery’s husband Pat is played by none other than Veep’s Timothy Simons. Rounding out the cast is the man who sparked this crime: Allan Gore. The confrontation between the real Montgomery and Gore only happened because Gore discovered that her friend was having an affair with her husband. Allan Gore is played by Halo‘s Pablo Schreiber.

Prepare to be disturbed by Jessica Biel’s chillingly calm performance in the face of murder. You can watch the trailer here.